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As Enertest, we provide services for distribution facilities as;
- Determining the requirements,
- Route selection,
- Survey studies,
- Project Designing,
and we provide all the services required for the approval and implementation of these projects. In order to implement the projects in the field, the procurement, management and assembly works are carried out with high quality and most affordable costs according to the principles of application procedures.

Maintenance & Repair

As Enertest, we provide all services for maintenance, planning and management in distribution facilities in order to prevent malfunctions, as well as breakdown repair works for energy quality and continuity in distribution facilities.

Research & Development

As Enertest, we work with distribution companies, universities and business partners to design creative projects and offer innovative solutions to develop more efficient and useful systems for electricity distribution networks, to improve existing systems, products, software and processes.

In our products and solutions, we take our work to global dimensions by taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of Enzen Global, of which we are a group company.


As Enertest, we help our customers find the most suitable solution by transferring the knowledge and experience we have gained with our experienced technical team in all fields of activity in electricity distribution networks in line with their needs and demands.

Geographic Information Systems

The key to successful and smart grid management is the Geographic Information System. Everything else is just guesswork, if you don't have the right assets and geographic information. Geographical Information Systems are increasingly used in energy planning processes. Practitioners managing work in grid analytics, energy access and sustainable energy have started to recognize the importance and benefit of this system.

As Enertest, we provide all the services required for the creation of a Geographical Information Systems data model and data collection projects, with field and software support. The most up-to-date and most suitable software (ArcInfo, MapInfo, NetCAD etc.) is used by our experts in our projects. Thus, we offer the most efficient and effective solution for each project individually.

The solutions we offer in the field of Geographic Information Systems are smart, innovative, sustainable, continuously improvable, transparent, clear and fast solutions as we offer in every field.