The key to successful and intelligent network management is GIS. If you don't have the right assets and geographical information, everything else is just a guesswork. For this reason, as Enertest, we aim to transfer our knowledge and experience both in the field and in the software part within the scope of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Data Modeling and Data Collection Projects to be a solution partner by supporting our customers. Our main objective is to ensure that all of the solutions we offer are sustainable, continuously improved, transparent, clear and fast working solutions.

Data Collection and Software Implementation

For Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Data Acquisition Project, we start by training field and office staff by providing inputs/resources and base maps. We prepared a large book about distribution system elements. Studies are carried out on feeder basis and delivery plan is prepared for the whole project and physical data model is formed. Data collection templates are prepared for the field study and circulation of weekly progress updates are ensured and relevant data are transferred. Afterwards, data collection is performed from the field with the help of tablet PC’s and DGPS devices with mobile mapping software installed. Data entry is made to the online server. The entered data through the office work is uploaded to the target GIS by verifying the final deliveries with quality control. However, we also carry out data collection activities with other software. Serious attention is paid to ensure that our personnel who will enter DM and TMs have EKAT certificate during data collection.