Protective Relay and RTU Engineering

The main purpose of SCADA systems is to increase operational efficiency and reduce OPEX network operations. With SCADA, all processes and real-time connections related to distribution network operation can be modeled and controlled securely.

Parameterization, PTP (point-to-point) testing and commissioning of RTUs, RTU panel design and manufacturing, Relays (IED) installation, coordination, parameterization, testing and commissioning are also performed by our company. We have the necessary test equipment and expert engineers to carry out these activities.

Infrastructure and Site Adaptation

In order to include distribution centers and transformers into the SCADA / DMS system, infrastructure modification/expansion works are required. In this context, our company offers the following services.


OSOS is the automation of sequential transactions from measurement to invoicing. It is based on analysis of energy consumption invoice and customer movements simulation.

Large deviations between energy purchase amounts and energy sales amounts show that commercial losses are far beyond acceptable limits. Metering and reading technologies, however, make a significant contribution to measuring and accruing energy sold. In the face of the rising cost of human resources and the possibility of individual mistakes, companies turning to information technologies. Within the scope of information technologies, Automatic Meter Reading reduces the cost of meter reading and enables companies to monitor energy quality and continuity.

Data transmitted from field to center can be classified as follows:

  • Billing information
  • Load profile data
  • Meter status information
  • Sudden events
  • Remote control

Our company also performs field installation activities as subcontractor to other companies in OSOS projects. In this context, the following activities are carried out.

  • Meter installation
  • Modem installation, testing and servicing
  • Meter panel manufacturing and assembly
  • Current transformer assembly